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"Real People, Real Church, Real God"

What do we as Promise Land Ministries Lighthouse mean by "Real People, Real Church, Real God."  Simply put we as real people join together to serve Christ by meeting the real needs of our community.   We believe in a Relationship with Jesus not in following a Religion. So browse around our site, watch some services and feel free to get real with us.


Hello my friends, this post won't be long but it will be profound. As we've been in this new series we have learned a lot, we recently learned that our beliefs are often not based on God's Word as much as our experiences.

If you were able to catch the message iBelieve, then you know that there's often a disconnect between our theology and our reality. Many people base their theology, that is their faith and their application of that faith, from their experiences.  Or what we would refer to as their reality. We learned that we do this because when we hear and see the miraculous happenings in the Bible and yet we  don't see it happening in our own lives we choose to explain it away as being figurative.  After all, it couldn't be our fault, correct? So in essence we moved our theology to match our reality. Or in more plain words we created God in our own image.  What you and I, and all believers need to do is to believe God's Word.  We need to speak to our experiences, and our reality and make them conform to God's Word.  Friends, He is either all powerful, all able, and all capable or He's not even the God of the Bible.  Will you really start to trust him for your life, will you really start to apply His Word to your reality, will you walk in victory, will you choose to live the abundant life He came to give you?

If so then, Believe !



This entire series ican uCan is about how we seek the face of God, and start moving in a new direction and deeper relationship with the Lord. 

This is not a gimmick or a get all excited sermon to pump you up to seek the blessings or the gifts of God…   This seeking the Lord is not so that we can see miracles take place in our fellowship.  This learning to seek the Lord is so that you and I will have the relationship that God designed from the foundations of the world.

You see when we learn to abide in His presence the cause and effect relationship is uncontrollable and uncontainable.

The first thing we must all learn in order to seek the face of God is obedience. 

Our scripture reference on Sunday was Luke 5:1-11, I encourage you to read it for yourself but the jest of it is:

Jesus is walking around and sees two boats on the shore that had been left by the fishermen, He proceeds to sit in one and teach.  Then He tells Simon to go out to the deep water and drop the nets..

Now Simon was like Master…. We’ve been fishing all night and haven’t caught a thing……… (I bet someone was thinking, Jesus, just because you know how to build a boat doesn't mean you know how to fish. ) 

Friends, this where we can learn something….because Simon teaches us about obedience right here. He tells Jesus: Lord, we have tried all night long. We’ve been there, we’ve done that, but nonetheless just because you say so, we will do it.

His obedience lead to uncontrollable and uncontainable blessings.

Imagine just for a minute what God can do in your life if you will listen and obey.

Our problem isn't always rebellion, but often we don't obey because we don't recognize His voice.

To recognize His voice we must lear to spend time with Him, to pray, worship, read His Word and fellowship with other believers.

The early church did this and the Lord exploded in their midst.  If we want to see the Holy Spirit explode in our lives we must seek Him daily and obey.

They prayed… and they obeyed… They didn’t plan on that Acts 2 experience happening.  How could they.  They didn't have an agenda.  They had no idea that this was going to take place.  All they knew is that Jesus said, “Listen, go and wait for the gift that's to come that my Father promised.  Do not leave Jerusalem!” So what did they do?   The only thing they could.

They said We're going to pray  We aren't moving until we hear from God.  We're not going to go the wrong direction.  We’re going to get down on our knees together and we’re going to pray, until we know what we're supposed to do.”

So These men and women got up every morning, and they got dressed. They went through all the same motions that they have always done, with no idea that the Holy Spirit was going to rock their worlds. 

Friends, the Lord wants to rock our world too, and it is going to happen when we least expect it, you won’t be able to predict it.  It will be a totally uncontrollable thing that will require first your obedience and your secondly your trust.

Matthew 6:25-34  

This passage of scripture is so simple to explain.. It means simply “Stop worrying.”   He is God and you are not… just trust Him.

… vs. 33 explains that if we will simply seek His Kingdom and His righteousness that all the things we worry about would be given to us.

It’s not about seeing miracles, it isn’t a prescription on how to achieve a blessing either.

Its about being right with Him and seeking Him…

When we do that, everything will take care of itself.  Lets all be like Simone, Lord we’ve tried and were tired but nonetheless because you say so,  we will.

Pastor Glenn

Are you Hiding

Often when we sin we try to run and hide from God. This behavior has been happening since the garden of Eden and from the moment it began it has been self defeating.  How can you run from His presence when He is everywhere?  The answer is you can't, no matter where you go there are at least two individuals present, you and God.  Friends, the Lord loves us so much that He knew we needed a road map to forgiveness and provided all that we would need to find it when He gave His one and only Son to pave the way for us.  

Instead of hiding from God we should repent and hide in Him, Psalm 32:5-7 states: 

Then I acknowledged my sin to you
    and did not cover up my iniquity.
I said, “I will confess
    my transgressions to the Lord.”
And you forgave
    the guilt of my sin.

6 Therefore let all the faithful pray to you
    while you may be found;
surely the rising of the mighty waters
    will not reach them.
7 You are my hiding place;
    you will protect me from trouble
    and surround me with songs of deliverance.

Why not run and Hide in Him and receive deliverance.


Our Vision is the reach the lost for Christ, meet the needs of our community and impact our world with Love, Truth, & Grace.