Promise Land

"Real People, Real Church, Real God"

What do we as Promise Land Ministries Lighthouse mean by "Real People, Real Church, Real God."  Simply put we as real people join together to serve Christ by meeting the real needs of our community.   We believe in a Relationship with Jesus not in following a Religion. So browse around our site, watch some services and feel free to get real with us.


Hello my friends, this post won't be long but it will be profound. As we've been in this new series we have learned a lot, we recently learned that our beliefs are often not based on God's Word as much as our experiences.

If you were able to catch the message iBelieve, then you know that there's often a disconnect between our theology and our reality. Many people base their theology, that is their faith and their application of that faith, from their experiences.  Or what we would refer to as their reality. We learned that we do this because when we hear and see the miraculous happenings in the Bible and yet we  don't see it happening in our own lives we choose to explain it away as being figurative.  After all, it couldn't be our fault, correct? So in essence we moved our theology to match our reality. Or in more plain words we created God in our own image.  What you and I, and all believers need to do is to believe God's Word.  We need to speak to our experiences, and our reality and make them conform to God's Word.  Friends, He is either all powerful, all able, and all capable or He's not even the God of the Bible.  Will you really start to trust him for your life, will you really start to apply His Word to your reality, will you walk in victory, will you choose to live the abundant life He came to give you?

If so then, Believe !

Our Vision is the reach the lost for Christ, meet the needs of our community and impact our world with Love, Truth, & Grace.