Promise Land

"Real People, Real Church, Real God"

What do we as Promise Land Ministries Lighthouse mean by "Real People, Real Church, Real God."  Simply put we as real people join together to serve Christ by meeting the real needs of our community.   We believe in a Relationship with Jesus not in following a Religion. So browse around our site, watch some services and feel free to get real with us.

Real Life Stories

Kevin D.

    I just wanted to take a minute to say, "Thank You" to each and every one of you for 2 years of life changing experiences and events. I came to Promise Land Ministries on July 10, 2013 a broken and beaten up man. Yet, from the moment I walked through those doors of our old sanctuary, I felt extremely welcomed and cared for. I attribute that feeling to you all. 

     Though my journey with Promise Land has come to an end, I want you to know how grateful I am. I thank you for your love, your acceptance, your support, and more than anything, your prayers. The past 8 months have been trying on me both physically and emotionally; but it is because of your prayers and support, that I know I will get through it. I have missed being there regularly, but always knew you were with me.

     To Glenn, Vera, Joe, Ed, and Mike; I thank you all for showing me the right way to live my life. To know that it cannot be MY WILL, but God's Will. Keeping this in the forefront of my mind, and always in my heart; will allow me to once again be the father, son, and more importantly the man I used to be. For that, I cannot say Thank You enough. To Chris, you and I share so much more than just the 239 area code. These past two years working together and serving together have meant more to me than you will ever know. I am so proud of how much you have grown in Christ. It's truly Gods work! I look forward to watching you continue to grow in both your Christian Life and now in your personal life! I love you my brother. 

     To all the guys and girls that I have lived with, worshiped with, and had the pleasure of serving with; I wish you continued success and progress in your journey not just in sobriety, but in Christ. You can always overcome your issues as long as you put him first. It's not easy, every day is a new struggle, but with him, you can do anything. Philippians 4:13.

     To all the guys and girls in the program now, take this opportunity and grab a hold of it with both hands! Turn yourselves over fully and completely to God, to the program, and just as importantly to each other. You have to understand and appreciate the opportunity God has afforded you. This is not only a life altering opportunity for you, but a life saving opportunity, embrace it. Use this chance to stop doing things your way, and do them HIS way. If you do that with your whole heart, you'll be amazed at what life has in store for you. 

     In closing, I love you all. I thank you all. I appreciate everything you have done for me. If there is anything I can ever do for anyone, please feel free to contact me. I'm not going away, just starting the next phase of my life. Thank You and God Bless. Keep these two verses in mind: James 1:12 and Jeremiah 18:4.



Adrian Sharpe

How am I different or affected by my 8 months at Promise Land.?  God promises to lead us on paths we have not known.. or at least, for some, to PATH in Tallahassee, Ha, Ha…

Seriously, little by little, I continue growing in God.  I am a little more kind, I do a little more good, I love a little more, I have become a little more gentle, I have a little more patience, I have a little more self control, I have a little more Joy , and a little more peace.  Little by little I grow.  I have the love and strength of Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit lives in me.. He guides and teaches me.

Instead of being worried overly anxious, confused, depressed, angry or afraid… I take it to the Lord.  I take it to Him before and sometimes during these times of negative vibes,  emotions and reactions that take place.

I think differently.  My thought process… I actually have a process now that runs before my mouth does… usually, as opposed to after.  I take a moment, usually to process my feelings and thoughts - practice, practice, practice.

I listen more - I don't have to comment on everything- my opinions don't have to be shared, unless I am asked.  I see differently… I see things I did not, outside and inside.  I look for the good in everyone- and I find it.  I try to make difficult situations not difficult, but a challenge.  I am never alone.  I thank God all the day long.  I find in any situation , especially adverse situations, saying "Thank you Jesus!"  Makes all well, and certainly more tolerable.  I shift my focus from me, usually to God. Being a selfish sinner, it has become a little easier to shift my focus to Him..

I start my day with God, start it out right with a healthy outlook for the day.  I end my day with reflection praying thanks & forgiveness.  I am learning to trust in God.  My self will is a  hard habit to crack… But I ry and pray on it.

It's hard here- It's harder outside.  A bed and cool A.C. or warm heat, a hot meal, a safe environment- "Thank-you Jesus!"

I try to live day to day- live for for today.  Don't look at 8 months- anything could and will happen.  I remember how it felt to be coming to Promise Land- I was picked up from jail… I was broke & homeless then - and most may be broke and homeless when it's time to go.  This is a great opportunity to get to know Jesus Christ.  He will Provide.  He loves you! He cares and He will be with you whether homeless, whether broke or lost. You and I will nev3r be alone., if we do not want to be.  We will have the love, strength, guidance and protection of the Lord

I love you all and God loves you much, much more.  Thank you, Thank God and let Him bless you.



Chris C. 

I came by to show my wife and family where it all began.  Everyone here helped me get to the whole I am today.  I thank you and May God bless you.


Chris C.


I was introduced to church and God, when I was 6 yrs old; I was saved and baptized, at the 1st Baptist Church of Southport in Florida, Near Panama City.  I thought or was under the influence that when I was saved I would go to heaven.  I didn't even understand the meaning of what I was announcing when I was baptized.  I was involved in church functions, celebrations, and Sunday school and Wednesday night services.  I went to church every time the doors where opened.  It was the happiest time in my childhood.  Then my parents were divorced for the 2nd time when I was around 9 years old.  This was the event which for me began my downward spiral into depression.  My outlook on life really was bad.  I was always depressed and unhappy, so when I was 10yrs old I began drinking beer with my best friend and skipping school.  By the time I was 12 yrs old I had started smoking marijuana.  I continued using marijuana all the way through High School by the 11th grade I was selling cocaine and marijuana to support my own habit and lifestyle.  This lasted until I was around 28 yrs old.  I realized my friends had become dependent on drugs and dependent on me to supply them.  Our friendships had become "a drug based friendship" So I quit selling drugs but kept using them.  I thought that not selling drugs would rebuild the old friendships I once had.  But over there years latter my friends still came by asking for drugs.  Usually not staying to visit, but rather leaving on a search for their drug of choice.  Life was just as depressing as it had been from my childhood.   Life Stunk.  My drug use continued, alcohol, marijuana, snorting cocaine, smoking cocaine and basically any drug that I would come across I would use.  Then on July 4th 2004, I was arrested for possession of marijuana.  I was put on 18 months probation which I violated by using cocaine.  I went back to jail for 45 days.  Went to court and my probation was reinstated.  I was to report to my p.o. the following morning, but the second I got back home I started using cocaine again.  Needles to say I violated for the 2nd time with a dirty U.A.  This time I spent 3 ½ month sin jail. The judge ordered that I stay there until a rehab facility had an open bed.  On Sept. 29, 2006 over 2 years since my original arrest, I finally received the help I had needed for years.  Help, which had been there for me my whole life.  Promise Land Ministries is the place where I finally found peace and got my life back through the grace of God.   My life has meaning; I'm a lot happier I can see thing s more clearly.  I don't worry about life or death because I have the gift of everlasting life thorough Jesus Christ.  I have a friend who is always there for me and I can always go to him for the right answers.  God is the Answer.  No more quilt , no more shame, no more feeling of worthlessness, my life has anew meaning.  Because of Jesus Christ I have a place in Heave.   I have become cleansed and become righteous.  God destroys the works of the devil, and has filled me with the Holy Spirit, who gives me love, joy peace, faith, and happiness.   I will not be ashamed and I will be bold in everything I do.  Because "I" can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.  No matter how hard life gets I can always go to God in prayer and He will take charge of me.  I am by no means perfect.  But, through the help of Promise Land ministries and the help of it's contributing churches which help keep promise Land thriving.  I have learned the path to righteousness and a new way of life which will be blessed by God.  Thank You for all your support and contributions.

With Love,


Our Vision is the reach the lost for Christ, meet the needs of our community and impact our world with Love, Truth, & Grace.